Privately connecting those who served in the military.

We're building a product that securely connects service-members nearby together anonymously.


No need to wear 'the hat', our product finds someone who served just like you.

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Have you served in a branch of military service?

If so, yes, this is for you.

You're set.

Is this required?

Global network.

Local connections.

Absolutely free.



Share experiences.

Looking for meaningful work?

Trying to figure out the GI Bill? 

Stressed out about transition and feel lost? Find people that have answered questions you've asked, and connect to helpful resources! 

A buddy to watch your six.

Always wanted to try something new? 

It’s kind of scary to do it by yourself though, connect with other veterans that share your interests and want to do the same thing.

Plus, make a friend in the process!

Privately connected. Publicly anonymous.

Are you in unfamiliar territory and have no connections outside of the service?

Making new friends as an adult can be difficult. We're here to bridge that gap and provide a platform to connect you with vets and vet related-services to help you along!