Yes and no.

We are looking to partner with existing industries for the verification process when our product launches. We want to ensure everyone who receives our product is verified as a prior-service member. Services like's public API integration, is work to be done in the future.

We restrict some portions of the product without proper verification. It doesn't mean you can't use it. Your Veterans Affairs Identification Card (VA card) is the quickest way for us to verify your service that's universally known and accepted.

We recommend using the VA card as a means of verification for now. There is less Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on your VA card. While you use our product, we will strive to always keep your data private, secure, and non-repudiatable (meaning if someone changes your information, you can easily tell it was changed). 

Your DD-214 can be used for verification, though we posit it's for emergencies. We're extremely conscious about PII and do the best we can to not have to go that route. We hope to be able make relatively quick I-9 background investigations using your SSN for future job-prospect integration. This is why we would want to collect that information. This service, like everything else that will utilize your personal information, will always be entirely optional. We will always notify you when, where, why, and how, we collect your PII, and the option to always not share it.


We hope so!


Lito here - I've had this idea in mind and wanted to execute it for as long as I can, because I was looking for something like this when I got out. This is a product I've wanted to develop, and will be my bread and butter going forward. I don't consider this a hobby - I consider this an attempt of solving a problem I've gone through myself and wish it existed then, and work on this full-time.

We aim to be a public benefits corporation. We hold ourselves to moral and ethical standards that stems from values derived from military ethos, our domain expertise, our edifying service, and having just really really awesome people working together for a better future. We'll sacrifice short-term profits to maintain our beliefs. We strive to be as transparent as possible while maintaining a competitive advantage to ensure your continued support of our services and our mission.